We assist Microsoft in signing up Spla partners and manage SPLA licenses on behalf of the Service Providers (Hosters). In turn, the Service Providers can concentrate on their core business of helping their customers with hosting deployment/solutions etc.

Our Managed Services :

  • Report monthly usages to Microsoft on behalf of partners
  • Provide architecture & licensing guidance on MS Partner Hosted Solutions
  • Provide pricelist and any changes in product descriptions, part numbers, and licensing terms
  • Issue Monthly SPLA Newsletter
  • Alert partners whenever discrepancies are sighted in the reporting
  • Handle all operational issues like invoicing, MPN Subscription etc
  • SPLA queries support within 24Hrs

Hosting University

Hosting University allows you to get the latest information for building, managing and scaling the Windows Hosting Platform with Microsoft virtualization and management tools. The user interface is simple and intuitive to use. Start using it NOW!